Being a game for the rich, the game of golf has always attracted the attention of every kind of people. Everybody wants to know how it is played and what the rules are. Owing to the curiosity surrounding it, more number of people are drifting towards golf betting, which is surely turning into an excellent option to win some good money.



Basics and Types



Just like any other sports betting games, golf betting is also based on placing your wager on the winning or losing side. And, since there are many facets of golf games, such as tournaments, rounds, 72 hole match, etc. for this reason, it adds more options to golf betting. However, the basic rule is to determine who will win; how much a particular player would score; and total number of points earned in a golf tournament. Now, take a look at the different types of betting in golf:


Top 3: In this type of bet, you have to place your bet on a golf player whom you think would come in the top 3 places. This one is the safest and also the easiest types of golf betting.


Outright Win Bet: In this type of bet, you have to predict the name of the winner. So, it is certainly the toughest bet to make as the odds are too low.


Head-to-head Bet: This kind of bet is limited to a single match, and you have to predict the winner among the two players.


Tournament Match Bets: In this type of bet, you have to predict the name of highest scorer in the tournament.


Strategy or Tips



Before you make or learn any Slot Online Terpercaya strategy for golf betting, you need to have complete information in your mind or at least in records about the past performance of players, if they had any injuries lately, their comfort zone, their favorite golf course, and every player’s statistics. One thing you can do is place your bet at different bookmakers as it will significantly improve your winning odds. In addition, you should also have complete information about the placing of holes in the golf course.



Top 3 Golf Betting Sites



Below are the top three sites to go for:






Top 3 Golf Betting Apps



Some of the top golf betting apps:




Golf Betting Games




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