Without Ecommerce web site solutions, your investment in product or service retailing will come to nothing and you would be staring down the stark barrel of bankruptcy. Marketing can take many forms some of which I’m sure, you’re probably more than aware of. Over the past couple of years, newer types of marketing techniques have emerged – ones that you’re still not aware of.


Ever since man invented commerce, the word-of-mouth marketing technique was identified as the strongest and best way to sell a product or service. In the early stages of commercial evolution, word-of-mouth not only meant receiving information from your friends or family about a fabulous deal somewhere, advertisers were paid to stand at street corners and shout out the deal. Back then word-of-mouth was the only way to advertise. Today word-of-mouth is considered premium advertising. However, in the fast paced world of today, word-of-mouth is simply too slow. Over the years with every change in technology, new forms of social media as a marketing tool were invented. In fact, advertising and technology go hand-in-hand.


It is therefore but appropriate that the digital world we live in has created a new “digitalized” form of advertisement – blogs, tweets and comments by end-users and paid end-users. These are in essence, word-of-mouth reinvented for the digitalized world we live in. More about Web 3 Social


Today advertisers, product managers and marketers are using Blogs, tweets and comments not just for creating those ‘pre-launch hypes’ but also for actively promoting products, SEO Richmond, internet marketing Richmond and Richmond it consulting. The recommended way is to first issue a press release online, wait for Google to pick it up (index it) and then create a viral network of information around the online press release cumulating with blogs, tweets and comments across social networking sites. Because the blogs, tweets and comments emanate from real (or perceived as real) end-users, the reader is led to believe in the authenticity of what he (or she) is reading and because a virtual or real relationship often already exists (online friend network, blog and tweet followers), a friendly advice or information is accepted more easily and taken more seriously than if they were to read an outright advertisement from the company or advertiser.


This form of online word-of-mouth advertising is taken so serious by alert and tech savvy marketers and advertisers, that they have created a new phrase for this kind of marketing arena – Blogosphere!


Recently a study conducted by ‘e-marketer’ indicated that companies in US have been steadily increasing their budgets for Blogosphere and online brand development influencing and given that social networking is still in its infancy, budgetary spends are only likely to go up in the years to come.


So if you have a product or service to sell or a brand to build and have yet to venture into Blogosphere, then you need to jump on to it now lest you be left so far behind that you get labeled as an obsolete company. RetailBizMD is one of the few companies that have all the skills (Ecommerce web hosting services, Search Engine Marketing Consultants, ecommerce web hosting services, SEO consulting services, e-commerce trends, etc) required under one roof. We will be delighted to be a part of your success.






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