Gambling is one of those things where a bit of entertainment can easily turn into a strong addiction.

Like, for example, “recreational drug use”, sex, alcohol, video games, and even TV or surfing the Net, gambling can suddenly become the main focus of your life. If you don’t learn how to apply a bit of moderation, pretty soon you will find yourself in the depths of despair – suffering from withdrawal symptoms, and potentially affecting the health of you and those around you.

So here’s a few tips on how to take control over your gambling.

Don’t gamble on credit. This is an easy way to force yourself to play less – deposit by Western Union, Paypal or wire transfer (ACH), or perhaps open up another bank account which comes with a debit card, and keep the balance low in that account.

Find other forms of entertainment – especially those which take you outdoors. If you have kids, they’ll love you for it.

Don’t chase after every bonus at every casino – you’re just increasing the chances that you are going to get burned. Play only at good casinos which offer reasonable bonuses. Bonus chasing is a sure sign of addiction – especially when you find yourself playing at casinos that offer you minimal bonuses for large deposits.

Limit your time at the computer – this is easiest when you have to share the computer with other family members, otherwise ask someone close to you to keep your online gambling time down to a few hours a week.

Worse than bonus chasing is jackpot chasing, in hopes of getting a big win. Unless the jackpot is of a relatively high value, have patience and wait for it to rise further.

If you do hit a big win, invest it in something like a fixed-deposit account, or perhaps that new piece of furniture you always wanted. That way you can’t lose it back.

If you don’t play at a casino regularly, uninstall the software and lessen the temptation.

Visit some of the free games sites instead of playing for real money. Although this doesn’t necessarily reduce the temptation, at least it doesn’t cost anything.

Unsubscribe from all those newsletters you get in your email. Yes, I want you to subscribe to my newsletter, but no, I don’t want you to subscribe if it causes you to become addicted to gambling.

If possible, change your email address on a regular basis – keeps you from getting all the spam as well.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. In other words, start up a Togel Hongkong gambling website of your own – I know this works because my time is consumed by keeping the content up to date – and better yet, I get guaranteed money by selling space to advertisers. Now I only gamble online once or twice a month, and that’s generally because of a good bonus offer or because I have to review a casino.

Better than #11, but a lot harder to do – move to Las Vegas. Pretty soon, you’ll become used to having gambling all around you and you will no longer have that strong urge to gamble when you get the opportunity, because that opportunity is always there and easy to put off until tomorrow Nearly all of the local gamblers in Vegas either have very good control, or they learn how to make a living by gambling and earning comps.

If all else fails, contact Gamblers Anonymous or get someone to take your computer away from you for a while.

DON’T become an addict. You’ll be doing yourself and your family and friends a big favor.


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