11.1 All wagers placed with a casino operator shall be paid, taken or disposed of by the casino operator strictly in accordance with the applicable rules. A player’s entitlement to winnings shall be governed by and determined in accordance with the rules, irrespective of any overpayment by the casino operator, and the casino operator shall be entitled to recover any such overpayment.

11.2 The casino operator shall ensure that all winning wagers are paid in chips, unless the rules of the game or approved procedures specifically permit payment by other means.

11.3 Subject to the application of any rule or approved procedure permitting the payment of winnings otherwise than by means of chips, where it is not possible to pay the exact amount of winnings in chips, the winnings shall be increased to the next highest amount in which payment can be made in chips.


  1. Unclaimed Wagers and Winnings


12.1 Players are responsible for claiming and collecting wagers and winnings due to them pursuant to these rules.

12.2 Where a wager is, or winnings are, not collected by the player the casino operator shall hold and dispose of it or them in accordance with approved procedures.


  1. Issue and Redemption of Chips


13.1 The casino operator shall, during the hours of Slot Gacor operation of the casino, at the request of a casino patron:

(a) exchange chip purchase vouchers or chips issued by the casino for chips or other chips, as the case may be, as requested of an equivalent total value;

(b) redeem chips or chip purchase vouchers issued by the casino for cash of an amount equivalent to the value of the chips or chip purchase vouchers, provided however that the casino operator, if requested by the patron, may at its discretion issue for the whole or any part of the amount to be paid in cash, in lieu of cash, a check made payable to the patron.

13.2 Where the casino operator has issued a chip gratuitously or in exchange for less than the value marked on the chip, rule 13.1 shall apply subject to the terms and conditions (if any) on which the chip was issued.


  1. Value and Non-Value Chips


14.1 Where the rules of a game provide for wagers to be made with or represented by chips, such chips shall be value chips unless the rules permit non-value chips to be used.

14.2 The following provisions shall apply to non-value chips:

(a) the non-value chips in use at a gaming table shall constitute a set, each bearing the same distinguishing emblem or mark to differentiate it from non-value chips of other sets in use at other tables. Each set shall be subdivided into various colors;

(b) non-value chips issued at a gaming table shall be used only for gaming at that table and shall not be used for gaming at any other table or location in the casino;

(c) where a non-value chip is used to place a wager in breach of subparagraph (b), the wager shall, to that extent, be void;

(d) except with the approval of the casino operator, non-value chips shall be presented for redemption only at the table from which they were issued, and shall not be redeemed or exchanged at any other location in the casino;

(e) no person shall be issued with non-value chips which are identical in color and design to non-value chips which have been issued to any other person at the same table;

(f) where a person buys non-value chips, the specific cash value to be assigned to such chips shall be declared by that person at the time of purchase and before play. This value shall be clearly denoted by a non-value chip and a corresponding marker button displayed at the table.

14.3 Where the rules of a game permit the use of non-value chips for wagering, the casino operator may limit the use of value chips by a player, or require a player to use non-value chips in lieu of value chips, at any table where that game is conducted.


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