1. Definitions


1.1 In these rules, unless the contrary intention appears:

“Action” means a player acting in turn;

“All-in” means a player has invested all of his/her remaining chips in the outcome of a hand. His/her bet cannot be more than a legal bet, or a legal bet and raise, if a raise is an option. He/she can only win that portion of the pot in which he/she contributed chips plus an equal amount of chips from each player remaining in the pot;

“Ante” means a predetermined contribution to the pot by all players before any cards are dealt in a hand;

“Bet” means a player’s wager;

“Betting Round” means a complete cycle from the first bettor to the last person to call;

“Blind” means a designated bet placed before the first card is dealt. The blind is a live bet which can win the pot if not called or raised;

“Boxed Card” means a card found face up in the deck;

“Burn” means the dealer removing the top card from the deck before the start of a dealing round;

“Burn Card” means a card which is removed from the top of the deck by the dealer without exposing its value and placed face down, separate from the Togel discards before the start of a round;

“Button” means an object on the table which designates the dealer or last player to act in a round. The button is moved one position in a clockwise rotation at the conclusion of each hand;

“Buy-in” means the purchase of chips before the start of a hand;

“Call” means placing a bet equal to the highest legal bet in that round or going all-in if remaining chips are less than the size of that bet. In games where there are blind bets the first player to act after the initial deal shall call by placing a bet equal to the last blind bet;

“Cap” means the maximum amount of rake or commission to be collected;

“Cards Speak” means that any hand placed open and flat on the table shall be read by the dealer and can be announced by any player at the table. A player need not correctly identify his/her hand to win if the above conditions have been met;

“Casino Supervisor” means a person who is responsible for the supervision and management of gaming operations;

“Check” means not initiating a bet but retaining all rights to act in the event a bet is made. A check shall only be an option if no blind is placed or bet made;

“Chemmy Shuffle” means cards mixed face down on the table with a circular motion of the hands;

“Commission” (also known as “rake”) means the percentage of the pot due to the house or the amount due to the house for hosting the game;

“Community Cards” means cards dealt face upward which can be used by all players to complete their best possible hand;

“Cut” means to divide the deck into two face-down stacks and then reunite them by locating the former bottom stack on the former top stack without changing the order of the cards within each stack;

“Cutting Card” means a card which cannot be construed as a playing card to be placed under the bottom card of the deck before dealing;

“Dead Button” means a dealer button in front of an empty seat to adjust the movement of the blind so that each person pays the correct amount of blind;

“Dead Hand” means a hand that has no claim to the pot;

“Deal” means the distribution of playing cards to the players;

“Dealer” means a casino employee who distributes all cards and handles all pot duties, but does not have a financial stake or receive a hand;

“Defective Deck” means a deck that contains: an incorrect number of cards for the games in progress; duplicate cards; jokers; five or more boxed cards; two or more different back designs or colors; cards in play which have become marked, scratched or can be read without looking at the face; manufacturing imperfections; or any problem with the deck the management considers detrimental to the security and integrity of the game;

“Down card” means a card dealt face downward;

“Draw” means a type of poker or the taking of additional cards by a player as in Draw Poker;

“Drop” means the amount of rake or commission for the game;

“Drop Slide” means a device attached to the table which is used for the placement and dropping of the commission into the drop box;

“Fee per Hand” means the collection of money due to the house determined as a set fee per hand dealt;

“Fixed Bet” means a bet must be of a designated amount. Also known as a structured bet;

“Flexible Bet” means a bet can be of varying size within fixed parameters. Also known as spread limit;

“Flop” means three community cards dealt face downward and turned face upward simultaneously;

“Fold” means to surrender a hand or refuse to call a bet;

“Forced Bet” means a mandatory bet for the purpose of starting a pot;

“Head to Head” means where only two active players remain in the betting round;

“Hand” means one game in a series, one deal, the cards held by a player, cards retained by a player entitling him/her to participate in the action or the combination of cards necessary to win a pot;

“Hold-em” means a type of poker;

“Hole Cards” means a player’s concealed cards;

“House” means the casino operator;

“Limits” means the range or structure of the betting;

“Manila” means a type of poker;

“Misdeal” means a hand dealt incorrectly or the action of dealing a hand incorrectly;

“Muck” means the discard pile;

“No Limit” means no constraint is placed on the maximum size of any bet or raise;

“Omaha” means a type of poker;

“Open” means making the first betting action;

“Opener” means the person who makes the first betting action;

“Over-blind Bet” means a voluntary blind immediately to the left of the last blind and double the amount of the previous blind;

“Poker Room Supervisor” means a person who is responsible for the supervision and management of gaming operation and who has successfully completed all modules of an approved poker training program;

“Pot” means the sum of the antes, blinds and called wagers;

“Raise” means a bet within the table limits, that is an implicit call plus an amount in excess of the previous bet or raise by at least as large an amount, except in the case of an all-in raise. An all-in raise less than a full raise shall not be considered foundation for any subsequent raises, which must revert to the previous full bet or raise to constitute the next minimum amount of raise. In such a case, the highest total of any one bet in the round would be considered the “call” amount, with the raise then added to that total;

“Rake” (also known as “commission”) means the act of taking the percentage of the pot due to the house or the amount due to the house for hosting the game;

“Round” means the cycle of bets made by the players following the deal of the cards, or a series of cards or hands dealt;

“Showdown” means determining the winner of the pot after the completion of all betting;

“Side Pot or Side Pots” means a separate pot or pots created in a game of poker due to one or more players being all-in;

“Spread Limit” means a bet can be of varying size within fixed parameters;

“Structured Limit” (also known as “fixed bet”) means a bet shall be of a designated amount;

“Stud” means a type of poker;

“Substantial Action” means two or more players acting on their hands;

“Suit” means a group of similarly colored and like symbol cards;

“Table Stakes” means a player shall only wager within the limits up to the amount of chips possessed by that player on the table in plain view before the start of any one hand;

“Tap Out” means to place all chips remaining in a player’s table stake into the pot;

“Time Collection” means the collection of money due to the house determined as a set fee per time period; and

“Wager” means an action by which a player places gaming chips into the pot on any betting round.




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