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The PPA has ranked Members of Congress

The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) has launched a new website that will provide a ranking for each member of Congress based on their record of supporting players’ rights. The PPA Congressional Ratings Guide is available to all PPA members at

“ As the PPA continues its efforts to educate members of Congress that poker is a game of skill, it is important that PPA members know how their members of Congress think about their rights to play poker online. ”, said Alfonse D’Amato, director of the PPA. “ The PPA Congressional Ratings Guide will make this information readily available as well as provide PPA members with an easy way to contact their representatives in Congress and underscore their support for this great American pastime .”

The current list cites 164 members of Congress who have a rating higher than B. These members have shown strong support for poker player’s rights and this rating is intended to reflect that situation. The number that should scare poker players is the 258 members, just under 50%, who received a failing rating.

To properly rank members of Congress, the Congressional Ratings Guide is based on support for the minutes, letters of support to Congress, public and private interviews with the PPA and its members versus their votes on the floor of the Senate. There were 113 members who did not receive a rating as their position and activity were minimal.

The PPA Congressional Rating Guide will be periodically updated and will provide PPA members the ability to search by State or ZIP code to see how their local representatives think in the eyes of the PPA. Members will also be able to automatically e-mail their member of Congress directly from the guide to show their support for poker and those who protect the rights of those who play this game of skill .

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