THINK! slothoki

  I have a new tool for the tables, something I put together recently that I hope will help me more than some random good-luck... Details

What Qualifies as a Pre-Existing Health Condition?

When you obtain health insurance coverage, you may not be covered for pre-existing conditions, at least at first. Many health insurance companies have a six-... Details

Idea behind Custodian Startup Pundit

Over the last few years, I seeked advice and mentorship from various senior and kind leaders in the capital markets and technology industry. We were... Details

1 Million Dollars! A Heads Up Story.

Towards the end of last week, a challenge was laid down on Full Tilt Poker, it was for $1,000,000. The two players? Patrik Antonius, and... Details

Weekly Strategy Compilation – Making your opponent uncomfortable

  Often in HU matches, I’ll come across a player who doesn’t seem to have many leaks. He’ll raise a solid range from the BU,... Details

Nevada Gaming Control Board continues to amend online poker draft

The Nevada Gaming Control Board continues to amend the regulatory draft for allowing Nevada-based online poker, aiming to provide a solid framework for the development... Details

Are there any special tax breaks for historic rehab with Online Title Loans No Store Visit?

Qualified rehabilitated buildings and certified historic structures currently enjoy a 20 percent investment tax credit for qualified rehabilitation expenses. A historic structure is one listed... Details

The Advanced Course – Part 5

Basic Strategy Variations: Test Yourself By putting my classes up on the internet, I know I'm reaching a much larger audience than I ever had... Details

Second Life Fashion Designer Socialverse Raising $20,000 to Pay for Real Life Legal Fees in Copyright Dispute

Gala Phoenix of the well-known SL fashion brand Curio is raising $20,000 to cover her legal fees in a copyright/DMCA dispute with another SL content... Details
Registered Office

Virtual offices – saving the environment… and business costs

A virtual office undoubtedly makes it easier for your business to grow – as we discussed in last weeks blog. With the lack of any... Details