I know very little about online casino gaming – except for judi online, but the following precautions should help you choose wisely regardless of your pleasure: Online Casino Video Slot Machine, Online Slot Machine, Online Video Poker, Online Casino Poker, Online Casino Blackjack, Online Roulette, or Online Casino Craps.

? Check out the online casino’s 24/7 support. Nearly all online Casinos put the 24/7 support claim on the websites but most do not have a call center that can truly help you if the game locks up and you can not access your funds. If you read my reviews on internet poker many refer to support – it is important!

? Just like in Internet poker – take your time, there are hundred of sites and games to chose from – watch the games, learn all the rules and limitations, never place a wager if you do not know the odds and the rules of the game – play smart.

? Online Casino ’s offer signup bonuses poker player dream of!! Many have a bonus plus a percentage of any losses back!! Play with their money as much and as often as you can.

? Unplug! The phone, the wife, husband, the kids the dog…What I am trying to say is make your gaming environment as peaceful as you can – that is one of the great aspects of online Casino play – take advantage of it – do not try to gamble, cook, watch TV and help the kiddos with home work – you will lose your Casino bankroll!!

? Ask and research the online casino’s that is licensed. If they are licensed, and there is a major issue you have recourse.

? If you are going to go bonus hunting – stick to those that are part of the same affiliate program – the program generally only deal with internet casino’s that meet stringent requirements – if you see an offer to good to be true – check out the Online Casino as stated above.

? Play at an Internet Casino offering 3rd party audited returns. If they are willing to open the books to an outside party really increases my confidence. I had close to $700 at a poker site that went under – lesson learned the hard way!

All the Online Casino ‘s / Internet Casino ‘s listed above are diverse with several revenue stream – stable, so you can’t go wrong with any of these!!

Caribbean Sun Poker Site – This online Poker Site runs the same tables as Interpoker Internet Poker Site, has a consistent monthly bonus and a deposit bonus – another perk – you can be selected to start a table as a prop player and earn hourly wage to play on top of what you win..Raked hand definition is the came as all other Cryptologic software i.e PokerPlex and Interpoker. These are all very secure sites, so you can bonus hunt at a relatively low investment and build a very nice bankroll.

PokerPlex Online Poker Site – Same tables as Interpoker – All online players will have the $50 added to their POKER account after they have completed their 300th Hand of the month! It’s as simple as that. (The Hands must be played on $1/$2 Limit or $0.5/$1 No Limit/Pot Limit or above.) So don’t delay, click on the banner above to download and play at Poker Plex today! Please note that only one bonus will be given per account, per computer, each month, and the promotion is valid between the 1st and last days of each month. Hands played in previous months do not count towards the total in the current month.

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Casino Bonus Whoring

This section is all about Casino Bonus Hunting / Casino Bonus Whoring – there are Deposit Bonus here Poker players only dream of. I have focused on Casinos associated with Fortune Affiliates – I am not a big gambler, but these are audited sites and I NEVER had a problem with any of the Online Poker Rooms they represent.. $15.00 Free and an $85.00 Dollar Deposit Bonus!!