We’ve long asked who would be the first sbo poker blogger to make the final table of a big event. Friday, fellow blogger Mike “Lucky Blind” Lacey, has a damned good shot. He finished Day 2 of the French Open in third chip position and has ben playing very well. Plus, he’s one helluva nice guy.

Be sure to check out his progress Friday on the The Nuts link on the left.

I’m Slipping

Fresh off my double triumph last night, I decided to go after a couple cheap SNG’s over at PokerStars again tonight. The results weren’t as good…


Yeah… I only won one. I finished in a lowly 2nd in the other. This time it was $11 turned into $36. I’m not sure where I went wrong!!!

Actually, I was a little fortunate to win the first one. I’m heads up and I raise 3xBB with AQo. My opponent goes all-in and I call. He shows AJo. I’m a huge favorite… until he outflops me. And I don’t mean he caught a Jack. The flop came K-Q-T. He flopped the nut straight. At this point I’m praying for a Jack so we can split, but it’s another T on the turn. Now I’m down to one card… and, amazingly, I get runner-runner T’s to win the pot with a full boat. I suppose it was justice since I was way ahead at the start.

In the one I lost, my opponent was dealt Rockets twice in 7 heads-up hands. On the final hand, I flopped a flush draw and he flopped a set of Aces. He caught his boat on the river, I never caught my flush. He had a 2-to-1 chip advantage and I probably didn’t need to make the move at that point, but I thought I’d take my chances. Being patient heads up works a lot better for me.

So what I’ve determined at this point is that I have a relatively good chance of beating the fish who play $5 SNG’s at PokerStars. Can I get some backers?

Actually, I got to France on a plane that could’ve crashed on landing, then went into an airport where people were blowing up suspicious packages. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t have made it France without the winner of this competition.

Back in a few days with one hell of a story about making it to the final four of a tournament (given…a small tournament) with Mean Gene’s favorite European player in the four seat.

Oh, yeah, I was in the three seat.

And if you have any interest in keeping up with the French Open, be sure to check it out at the EPT blog.