Well the last week of my life has been really busy. Between work, poker and girls I havent had the time to even think about a new blog.

Poker wise nothing interesting to report really. I played a couple of MTT and a NWP private tourney, I woke up real early on Sunday I was really hung-over and for some reason couldnt sleep albeit I was very tired. I decided to play in a MTT the only slot 428 MTT that was to be running soon was a 10$ NL. I figured why not. I played well but never really got any hands, after looking at the stats I requested from poker stars I laughed at my flop seen %. I think most players who play with me know that I am a pretty loose player PF. I like to open pots when the action gets to me. I believe that NL holdem is the truest test of poker when played properly. I think that its always better to be putting people into tough decisions for their chips then to ever really be forced to make one yourself.

10$ NL Tourney stats.

308 hands played and saw flop:

– 9 times out of 40 while in small blind (22%)

– 9 times out of 39 while in big blind (23%)

– 26 times out of 229 in other positions (11%)

– a total of 44 times out of 308 (14%)

Pots won at showdown – 16 out of 21 (76%)

Pots won without showdown – 23

Short handed I couldnt find a hand and eventually made a move with J-4 from the small blind at the BB and he had JJ. It payed a measly 100$ or so.

I didnt see many flops but as the stats show I was making the right plays. I wasnt showing down bad hands at showdown, and was winning my fair share without showdown.

It was just about the same in the NWP tourney I played on Friday, I pretty much played what I think was flawless poker, even short handed I was killing it until the following hand crippled and ended my bid to win. I decided to even close all the tables I was playing on UB and Stars at the time because I said that I wanted to play my A game and win this thing. I had played a few NWP tourneys without really playing hard and when I did I would get donkstruck hard for my whole stack.

Anyways the following hand is from when we just entered the money and 3rd was 31.00$ 2nd was 50+$ I think and 1st was 90+$ around.

Bangem was playing pretty solid as was Seedthrower. Seedthrower was too passive though he allowed me to steal his blinds pretty much the whole final table. All tourney I did a good job of avoiding big pots and getting into it for a lot of chips, I pretty much built my stack from a few pickoffs and got about 1K from Liquidsyphon when I sucked out with AJ to his AQ (gotta get lucky sometimes). When this hand came up I was chip leader and pretty much in command at this point. The call from Bangem and Seedthrower was most definitely some type of A or big paint.