Getting back into the swing of things was a total slaughter. My slot online unfortunately. I’m down 95BB over 2,579 hands which is a nice -3.69BB/100. I’m sure there is a lot of bad decisions in there I just need to go track them all down.

I started reading SSHE again of course. Even my starting hand selection is a bit rusty. Lucky for me its a bit rusty on the tight side.

Some totally random and meaningless statistics from those hands:

I received AA 13 times and won 12 times. The one loss was a bigger loss than any single win.

I am -27.00 on AKs. AK combined is +4.25.

I am -54.75 on AQs. AQ combined is -48.00.

While the actual numbers are somewhat meaningless I’m going to guess I’m pushing my big starting hands way too far when they only materialize into something small with a scary board. That one AA loss in particular was a board of entirely uncoordinated low cards, but the villain hit a set on the turn.

You guys might have to endure a few hand histories and some introspection. And of course once I get back in better poker shape I’ll have the triumphant break even post.

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It’s been a long time. I’m pretty sure somewhere buried in this blog is the last time I played some poker. I finally got everything sorted with my NETeller account and went back to the tables. I said good-bye to Party Poker one last time and drained my account. For the time being I am still a US player so, just like for many of you, it is no longer an option.

It’s interesting to see all of the shifts since I last played. Poker Stars is now at number one and Full Tilt Poker is now the second largest online poker room in the world. Wow! Awesome job guys! I’d also like to take this chance to thank both Full Tilt Poker and Poker Source Online for supporting my blog. I’ve been a little bit lax after my move, but things have settled down enough to spend some time updating.

I thought I might be a little rusty after taking such a long break. Most of the decisions are easy, but I’ve completely forgotten my odds. Time to go back and review!

Finally I want to thank everyone that’s been supporting me for the last couple of years. Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting, and thank you for supporting my sponsers! If no one ever read this it would be much less fun.

Time to get back to it. There’s not any interesting stories to tell yet!


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Pokershare to Sue Excapsa For an Astonishing GBP 1 Million

In the later part of the year 2005, Pokershare, an online room, had come up with a unique marketing approach. It had announced the sharing of its profits with its online poker players. However, before the profits could really get shared, Pokershare and its network, Excapsa had a falling. This has let to a litigation between the two parties. Pokershare seemed to have been doing too well by attracting players in large numbers. This was a source of worry to Excapsa’s site Hence as per allegations made by Pokershare, Excapsa prejudiced its chances. It did so by barring U.S. poker players from Pokershare. It further removed network support. This resulted in the downfall of Pokershare, by November.

Pokershare has now filed litigation against UlitmateBet for an astonishing GBP 100 million, claiming that the action taken by Excapsa and UltimateBet, including the removal of rights to the software and technology previously agreed upon forced Pokershare to discontinue business activities. Unless an agreed settlement is achieved out of court, the two sides could be airing their grievances and defense in the near future, the newspaper reports:

Robert Williamson or ‘Mr. Omaha’?

Robert Williamson III is the new face for the World Series of Poker, on ESPN. He has made quite a decent living from the game of Poker. He was the 2002 world champion.  He cleared $450,0000 last year. This despite, limited play due to a busy TV and appearance schedule. He has also been featured on a new video game, called World Championship Poker 2. He is all set to make a debut on the big-screen soon. Williamson will be playing himself, in the film, “Lucky You”. reports:

Williamson’s life has him hanging out with a lot of celebrities – or perhaps that should be other celebrities. But he still gets no bigger thrill than sitting down at a table with a pile of chips in front of him to play a game of Omaha (a style of poker similar to Texas Hold’Em with two ways to win, hing and high/low), the game that made him famous and earned him the nickname “Mr. Omaha”.

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Game online populer biasanya memiliki fitur yang berbeda tentang mereka yang membuat mereka menonjol dari kompetisi mereka dan berikut adalah daftar game yang telah mengambil pasar game mobile di atas dan di luar.

Kolam 8 Bola Ball

Gim yang sangat menyenangkan untuk semua orang di atas usia tiga tahun! Bayangkan bisa bermain biliar di mana saja dan kapan saja, inilah yang ditawarkan game ringan dan menyenangkan ini kepada penggunanya. Seiring dengan bonus harian dan kemampuan untuk menautkan akun media sosial Anda ke permainan untuk membagikan kemenangan Anda dengan teman-teman Anda dan terkadang bahkan hanya untuk menggosoknya di wajah mereka.


Tidak ada kata-kata yang dapat merangkum kebangkitan meteorik dari game interaktif yang satu ini. Pubg, yang merupakan kependekan dari Player Unknown Battleground, memberikan hal itu, dalam mode permainan gratis tradisional untuk semua 100 orang. Ada berbagai cara Anda sekarang dapat memainkan permainan dengan waktu yang telah meningkat pesat dan menambahkan beberapa mode permainan juga untuk basis penggemar mereka yang terus meningkat.

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Cara modern memainkan favorit sepanjang masa, Classic Rummy menghadirkan kepada Anda segala sesuatu yang diinginkan oleh pecinta rummy dikurangi hal-hal yang terkadang membuat wajah orang-orang mengerutkan kening. Unsur fairplay dan transparansi lengkap tidak hanya membuat seluruh pengalaman rummy benar-benar hebat tetapi juga sangat menarik dan menghibur yang juga dicari oleh semua pemain rummy online.

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Kesimpulannya, elemen terpenting dari game online yang berkembang di India adalah Anda, para gamer!

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