A genuine £25,000 online trivia quiz, www.highwaytoriches.com launched on Saturday June 8th. The quiz appeals to all 18+ Internet users worldwide and has been specifically created to offer the possibility of winning large cash prizes without gambling.


The original quiz site is the brain child of two Headteachers. It has since been carefully researched and developed under guidance from a team of experienced e-commerce and entertainment business consultants.


Business development director, Kevin Duck said,


‘The whole team have been involved on this exciting project for many months. It adds to the thrill of the many current popular TV and Internet quizzes, but also allows entry to all 18 plus Internet users and is set to become the first ‘genuine’ big money Internet quiz. We are promoting the level playing field of the quiz, in that it is a real game of skill and not another free lottery or prize draw site.’


The £25,000 jackpot winner(s) will have to beat 15 other Slot Online players, but may choose to receive cash prizes along the way, ranging from £3 to the £25,000 jackpot. In the event of two players achieving the same score in a game of five multiple choice questions, the fastest time recorded will decide a winner. The development of the site’s security system has been a major priority in promoting trust and confidence from it’s players. The site has an existing user base of well over 8000 registered quiz players.


All players must be 18 years of age or older. The standard entry fee is £5, but £10 buys 3 game vouchers, £15 buys 5 game vouchers and £25 will buy 10 game vouchers.The quiz launched on June 8th with several £25,000 winners expected at any time in the near future.


Four thousand trivia questions were compiled and scrutinised for the launch of the quiz. They range from easy through to very challenging.


Free entry weekly mini-quizzes have been running since last October, with nearly £1500 in prize money already given away.


The quiz is presented and funded by Morse and Norris Online Limited. The directors are keen to promote the quiz site as a unique and fair method to win large cash prizes based on skill and not through gambling.


$1,594,649.21 WON at Captain Cook’s Casino! Captain Cook’s Casino is delighted to announce that the biggest jackpot in the history of online gaming to be offered in one single cash payment has been won at our casino.

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$1,594,649.21 WON at Captain Cook’s Casino!


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Main Review


Bottom Line

Goldrush Online Casino has a more professional appearance and feel than some other competitors out there. Their game odds are more than fair compared to others. Goldrush is definitely a step up compared to some in the online casino business. Depending on your game, I would have no problem recommending Goldrush to others. I gave Goldrush a rating of 4.5 chips. Nothing stands out as far as their game odds are concerned as either being extremely good in the players favor, or being extremely bad to the player.



Goldrush Casino and Sportsbook, based in Costa Rica offers both online casino and sportsbook services. For the purposes of this review, I have only reviewed the casino portion of their website. I was playing in fun mode, not for real money, but you are connected to the server in this mode. Goldrush has done their page with graphics trying to give you the feel of an old wild west casino. They have options to view their pages in Spanish along with English.


They have a lot of nice Togel Hongkong links to subjects such as “what’s new”, “how it works”, “customer care” etc. A lot of sites need to expand their web pages to give as much info to potential customers as they can. New users always have lots of initial questions as to the general runnings of a new online casino they want to try. I’m glad that Goldrush has done a good job in this respect. Customer service phone numbers and e-mail addresses are conveniently spotted on several of their pages.



Money Matters

Goldrush is currently offering new members $35 in bonus chip if they open a new account to play for real money. (3/26/00). They are also offering $25 in free chips if you refer a friend to their site who also opens an account with a minimum deposite of $50. Goldrush offers deposite options of Visa, Master Card, check, and money wire. Goldrush also offers what they call a Premiere Gold Club. You get a point for every $25 you wager. As you accumulate points, you can cash these out for chips, prizes, and other gifts.



The gaming software for Goldrush is from MicroGaming Systems. Download size is 2.9 Megs. It’s very well done. Between the excellent graphics and decent payouts the games provides, I got a feel that I was at a very reputable online casino. There’s a few games I wish would play faster, but I usually prefer a very quick interface.

Goldrush offers 20 games in all. 10 of these are slot machines. If there’s any knock at all about Goldrush, I’d prefer more Video Poker variations as opposed to slot machines. But they do offer 3 Video Poker games with good payouts, so this isn’t that big of an issue. Other games include Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Caribbean Stud Poker (called Cyberstud poker here), Keno, and a game called Scratch Card. I’ll go into more detail on each game below.




When you play in a regular game, you should be getting to know the habits, moves and plays of your competitors. Your game may have a Mick the Maniac, Russ the Rock, etc. When you’re out of a hand (which, if you play like me, is a lot of the time), you should be watching your opponents. You may pick up a tell, or you may learn how or why they make their bets and raises.

In the game that I frequent, we have a cast of characters. One of my favorites is Olma, a Russian immigrant. Now I’ve been playing with Olma for a couple of years, and I understand how she plays. When she’s in a hand – look out! She either has the nuts, or a good draw to the nuts, or draws to the nuts. When she bets she has the nuts; when she raises, she has the nuts with re-draws! Olma always buys in for the minimum (her husband doesn’t like her losing a lot). I’ve never seen her raise on the come.

A few weeks ago we were playing in the $6/$12 Omaha game (with a full kill to $12/$24). It was a kill pot, and I picked up K854. I was in late position with Olma on my right. Olma was the fourth caller, and I folded, of course. (If you’re thinking that I should have called, this is a trash hand. Yes, you have two cards to a wheel, but unless the flop is A23, you won’t like the hand much.) Seven players saw the flop: Q78. The exercise is to determine what Olma holds, given only my hand, the betting, and the Board cards. My guesses, and her actual hand, will appear at the end of this article.

On the flop, the blind checked, the next player bet, the following Togel player raised, and Olma, along with five others called (the blind folded). The turn card was the 6.

The raiser bet, the next player raised, it went fold, Olma called, call, call, and call (by the original better). The river was the intriguing 9.

The first player bet, call (with a disgusted attitude, mumbling, “What can I do?”), Olma raised, fold, call; raise by the first player, call, Olma capped it (in Southern California, a bet and 3 raises is the norm), and everyone called. So what did you think Olma held, and why, on every street?

Pre-flop, when Olma enters a hand, I know she holds A2, or A34, or a low suited Ace (up to A5) with some other back-up. In a kill pot, I expect her to hold either an A2 or A34.

Now on the flop (Q78) she cold calls two bets. Either she has the Ax (with x=3), a set of Queens (unlikely, given the raise – the raiser probably has that hand), or possibly A2T9. I’m not sure if Olma would play that hand in a kill pot.

The turn card was the 6. Again, Olma cold calls two bets. Given that this will be a split pot, Olma has the nuts (for either low or high) with a draw to the nuts the other way. I put her on A2. Another possibility was A245 (she’d have the nut low and the idiot end of the straight), but given that I held a 45 I thought that was unlikely.

The river was the 9 (making the Board Q78/6/9). Olma raised, was re-raised, and Olma capped the betting. When Olma re-raised I put her on A2; but when she was re-raised and she capped the betting it became clear, to me, that she had the straight flush and the nut low; indeed, Olma held A2JT, and got ¾ of a monster pot (the “What can I do” player also held an A2, along with a T9; the player who bet the river had the A3 and was annoyed, to put it mildly).

Now you may be thinking that the game you frequent is much tougher than my game; that none of the players have any habits or betting patterns; that it is impossible to figure out what they hold. My reply is to quote Rex Stout: Pfui!

It will take practice, but in Omaha reading your opponents is a much easier task than in hold’em. The regular denizens of your game do have habits. Start by following just one player in the session. Watch what he bets with, what he raises with, what he calls with. If necessary (to remember what’s happened), make surreptitious notes. When you get home, study the notes and look for the patterns that will be there. You’ll find that most of the players you play with have patterns. Even maniacs can have patterns: one I play with raises with garbage (about 90% of the time) and calls with his good hands.

You may not be lucky enough to have an Olma in your game, but I’m sure you have her relatives. So begin to look for the patterns in the play of your opponents, and you may be pleasantly surprised in what you find.




Di negara dengan populasi lebih dari 1 miliar ada banyak hal yang memiliki peluang untuk menarik perhatian publik dan salah satunya adalah game online dan pencipta game ini mengambil kesempatan ini dengan kedua tangan.

Game online populer biasanya memiliki fitur yang berbeda tentang mereka yang membuat mereka menonjol dari kompetisi mereka dan berikut adalah daftar game yang telah mengambil pasar game mobile di atas dan di luar.

Kolam 8 Bola Ball

Gim yang sangat menyenangkan untuk semua orang di atas usia tiga tahun! Bayangkan bisa bermain biliar di mana saja dan kapan saja, inilah yang ditawarkan game ringan dan menyenangkan ini kepada penggunanya. Seiring dengan bonus harian dan kemampuan untuk menautkan akun media sosial Anda ke permainan untuk membagikan kemenangan Anda dengan teman-teman Anda dan terkadang bahkan hanya untuk menggosoknya di wajah mereka.


Tidak ada kata-kata yang dapat merangkum kebangkitan meteorik dari game interaktif yang satu ini. Pubg, yang merupakan kependekan dari Player Unknown Battleground, memberikan hal itu, dalam mode permainan gratis tradisional untuk semua 100 orang. Ada berbagai cara Anda sekarang dapat memainkan permainan dengan waktu yang telah meningkat pesat dan menambahkan beberapa mode permainan juga untuk basis penggemar mereka yang terus meningkat.

Remi Klasik

Cara modern memainkan favorit sepanjang masa, Classic Rummy menghadirkan kepada Anda segala sesuatu yang diinginkan oleh pecinta rummy dikurangi hal-hal yang terkadang membuat wajah orang-orang mengerutkan kening. Unsur fairplay dan transparansi lengkap tidak hanya membuat seluruh pengalaman rummy benar-benar hebat tetapi juga sangat menarik dan menghibur yang juga dicari oleh semua pemain rummy online.

Candy Crush Saga

Pernah bertanya-tanya apakah teka-teki warna-warni bisa membuat ketagihan? Percayalah tidak pernah ada permainan yang lebih adiktif di antara massa ketika datang ke pencocokan teka-teki dan tidak ada cara logis untuk menjelaskan mengapa dan bagaimana permainan ini sangat menyenangkan meskipun jika seseorang meminta Anda untuk melakukannya secara manual Anda akan menertawakan mereka tapi jujur ​​hanya itu! Kemudahan dan sifat yang sangat sederhana dari game ini yang terus menjadi semakin sulit saat level meningkat adalah penghilang stres di level awal dan hanya tes IQ termudah di level yang lebih tinggi.

Game Online Raja Ludo

Gim online paling populer dalam daftar ini tetapi juga paling mudah membuat ketagihan, dapat memainkan gim papan kemunduran seperti itu dengan teman dan keluarga Anda saat bepergian bukanlah pengalaman yang mendebarkan. Anda dapat menghilangkan hal-hal seperti curang dan memiliki pengalaman ludo yang sepenuhnya mentah dan memperkaya dengan aplikasi luar biasa ini.

Clash Royale

Gim energik lain yang memiliki yang terbaik dari kedua dunia, fantasi, dan strategi digabungkan dengan cara yang menyenangkan! Ada berbagai gerakan atau keahlian dari banyak karakter dan semuanya perlu dipahami dengan hati-hati dan digunakan secara strategis. Seperti kebanyakan game online dalam daftar ini, ada fitur seperti membentuk klan atau grup Anda dan saat Anda tampil lebih baik, Anda mendapatkan peningkatan level dan peningkatan yang membuat game ini semakin menarik.

Permainan Kasino Online

Bagi mereka yang mencari lebih banyak sensasi dan kegembiraan, permainan kasino seperti Roulette, Blackjack atau Andar Bahar favorit kami sekarang dapat dinikmati tidak hanya di kasino darat di Goa. Ada banyak pilihan dengan gaya dan variasi yang berbeda, dan seiring berjalannya waktu, kami terus menemukan lebih banyak permainan kasino untuk dipilih oleh para pemain di India. Sayangnya, bahkan permainan ini dapat membuat ketagihan dan karena uang sungguhan dapat terlibat, Anda harus ekstra sadar dan bermain secara bertanggung jawab.

Faktor umum tentang semua game slot online ini adalah kemudahan aksesibilitasnya dan dalam gaya hidup serba cepat yang kita semua jalani, kita sering mengabaikan upaya di balik pembuatan aplikasi ini agar mudah diakses.

Bayangkan ada saat di mana Anda harus pergi membeli game favorit Anda dan kemudian berkumpul sehingga semua teman Anda dapat menikmati dan mengambil gambar untuk dibagikan setelah semua ini ada ketakutan Anda mungkin tidak bertemu secara fisik sehingga Anda memutuskan untuk membuat rencana untuk lain kali, sekarang Anda tinggal mengunduh aplikasi dan semua kekhawatiran ini hilang.

Permainan Togel Online

Togel online merupakan salah satu judi online yang sangat ramah di kalangan masyarakat dimana permainan taruhan yang satu ini bisa digunakan oleh berbagai kalangan. Togel merupakan permainan dimana anda akan menebak angka yang akan keluar di satu periode dalam situs yang anda gunakan.

Kesimpulannya, elemen terpenting dari game online yang berkembang di India adalah Anda, para gamer!

Ada banyak permainan yang tidak ada dalam artikel ini tetapi sama-sama menyenangkan dan interaktif, jadi teruslah menendang dan berteriak sambil memainkan permainan favorit Anda!


Tex Morgan is an interesting and colorful character who has done much for the poker community, especially for tournament enthusiasts. His brainchild, the TEARS system, has caught on at such an alarming pace that he and his representatives, Patty Pfeil and former WSOP World Champion Brad Daugherty, are barely able to keep up with the constant requests from one tournament director after another.

Just what does the TEARS acronym stand for? It is tournament evaluation and rating system. What does it mean and how does it work? We will get back to that for some general information on this system.

Tex has written an article explaining the entire program and it is available for your perusal right here on PokerPages.com. For now, poker can wait as I share with you an interview with the friendly and congenial Tex Morgan. I caught up with Tex at the recently concluded Reno Hilton Pot of Gold Tournament. Here are some of the fascinating things that he shared with me.

Jan Fisher: Tex, you and I have crossed paths many times during the past decade but we have never really talked. Would you tell me a little about yourself? I have heard that you have had a tremendously varied and interesting life. Talk to me!

Tex Morgan: Well, yes, I have been around a while and I have done many things in my life. You know, the usual stuff that a guy from Texas does ~ nothing too exciting.

JF: I am calling your bluff on that one. Please, I heard that you were in the rodeo, were (are?) an expert archer, as well as other such tidbits. Don’ t make me drag it outta ‘ya!

TM: Okay, good call. I have been a ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล competitor all of my life. Yes, I was on the rodeo circuit for many years. The events in which I participated were bareback, bull riding, and roping. I am a true Texan at heart! I also have competed as a toxophilite on a four-man team that set a world record in the 1970s.

JF: Now stop right there! First, you told me “not much” when I asked about your life. Now you are using words like toxisomething…what is that?

TM: Okay, so you were paying attention. That is the real term for archery. I participated on a team that at one time competed in an event where we (as a team) shot 120 arrows at a one and one-half inch bull’s-eye from 60 feet. We missed the target four times.

JF: You missed the target entirely?

TM: No, we missed the bull’s-eye four times!

JF: Wow, that is incredible. So now, save me from the dragging it out of you and tell me the rest of the story.

TM: Well, I also have dabbled at bowling, chess, checkers, and pinochle. I have been happily married for 16 years and hope that that never ends. I began playing poker at the age of 14, playing penny-ante, pot-limit anything. We played draw, spit in the ocean ~ you know ~ the general home fare that dates back to the dark ages! From there, as I got older, I began to play in some home games and, as the current popular poker games emerged as being the games to master, that is where I directed my attention.

JF: I know that with your TEARS tournament structure system, you have certainly spent numerous hours on the computer. Knowing that you are a numbers guy, and assisted by some inside information, tell me about the personal statistics that you keep on your own tournament results.

TM: They really aren’t any big deal. You know, I just crunch some numbers and figure out statistically speaking how I do in the events in which I enter.

JF: And how do you do? I really want to know!

TM: The numbers that I have come up with have truly amazed me. Only ‘cause you are threatening to call my bluff again am I going to share those stats with you. I have to be honest here, I am mighty proud of what I have learned by keeping these good records. I have won 69 tournaments having buy-ins of $100 or more. I win one in 20 that I enter. That’s really about it.

JF: Wow, that is an amazing number! To a non-player it may not sound like many, but that is really awesome! What about your finishes and wins once you are in the money? Do you keep records on that too?

TM: Yes, I have all of those numbers as well. Of all the tournaments that I enter, I finish in the money one time out of five and a half.

JF: And how many of those do you win?

TM: I am a bit embarrassed to share this information but, for the past seven and a half years, I have won one out of three tournaments once I have made the money!

JF: I am amazed! So how do you do in heads-up play?

TM: Jeez, you ask a lot of questions…I have won about 75% of my heads-up matches.

JF: And you said your life was no big deal. You made me pull teeth to get these answers! Wow, if I had such a great life, both in and out of poker, I would be shouting it from the mountaintops!

TM: It’s really no big deal.

And so this is Tex Morgan, the man. Low key and modest by nature, I found Tex to be a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stagnant, smoke-filled casino. His life’s accomplishments, as well as his class and outgoing yet soft-spoken nature, made the time that I spent with him fly. I wanted to know more. But, Tex kept telling me how unimportant all of this was. That the real story here was not about him, but about his tournament program TEARS.

As mentioned, Tex wrote his own report about the system and the reasons behind it. You can access that report right here on Pokerpages.com. Let me tell you a little about it that he may have neglected to tell you, being the modest cowboy that he is. He began working on this idea for a better tournament structure eight years ago. He knew what needed to be done, but he just didn’t know how to do it. He got a computer about five years ago and began learning what was possible. He is refining the program all the time, but it has taken off with overwhelming success. The premise of it is that the limits go up in a smoother, more even fashion. There are no 100% limit increases. All limit jumps fit within the parameters of being between 33% and 66 2/3%. The time limit for each round is adjusted according to a computer model, answering the tournament director’s dilemma of what time an event will end.

The Reno Hilton was the first property to accept this new idea as being worthy of a trial and it has finally come to overwhelming acceptance after some initial player trepidation. Players and tournament directors were all skeptical, as we all are, of change. It seems to have turned out that this change was hugely for the good of tournament poker. Tex was hoping that by 2001, he could get three main properties with major events to give his system a try. To date, he has already gotten 17! Not only will the Reno Hilton use this system again for their January World Poker Challenge, but also the Reno Peppermill will begin using it for their next event, as will the prestigious World Series Of Poker and Tournament Of Champions! Now those are some resounding endorsements.

So what does Tex get out of this? The knowledge that he has made a change for the betterment of the industry. For casinos that wish to try out this system, Tex is offering the program and training in its usage free of charge. If he or one of his representatives have to travel to accomplish this, they ask expenses only. Tex has done this for the industry that he loves. He is an adrenaline junkie and by keeping tournaments playable for the masses, he has provided for a better future for these events.

In addition to the structures he provides, he also has payout schedules that are figured out by the same computer program. He believes in the flattened payouts. That is quite a generous belief for someone with such tremendous tournament results. His love of poker, poker players, and the industry is certainly evident. I was incredibly impressed by Tex and his friendly and fun nature. And as I left him at the table where we had been speaking, I was asking myself what the heck had taken me so long to get to know this really cool guy. I look forward to my next encounter with Tex and suggest that when you folks see him in a cardroom, you go right up to him and say “howdy.”

I know when the next time I will see him will be. He and I have an appointment to go over the structures that he is trying to prepare for me to see if his system will work for my tournaments on the Card Player Cruises. We have some special needs, and I would have thought I was drawing dead to even think that he would have the formula for me. He assured me that he would try to come up with one by the time I meet up with him again in Reno at the Hilton’s January event. I promise that if he has the program for me, I will give it a try!


It’s man against machine, but does man really have a chance?

Today’s Slots

Even in Nevada, slot machines were merely a curiosity. Even the largest casino contained no more than a few hundred machines. They were there to entertain the browsers, while the serious gambling was conducted at the tables.

A couple of things happened in the 1960s and ’70s that changed the attitudes of both the casino executives and the players. Electro-mechanical machines were developed by pinball-machine builder Bally Manufacturing which permitted many more payoffs than the mechanical machines could accommodate. And the Bally machines came complete with an enlarged ‘hopper,’ or coin storage unit, that could hold up to 2,500 coins. In addition, the Bally machines could accept more than one coin at a time, which allowed the players to insert up to five coins on one pull of the handle.

When casinos were legalized in Atlantic City, riverboats in the Midwest and on Indian reservations across the U.S., slot machines became the game of choice.

Sound effects, special lighting, music and more frequent payouts drew more and more players to the slot machines. Players could chose from three-, four-, and five-reel ligaz888 machines, and in 1980, Bally engineered a group of machines that could be linked together to create a giant jackpot. Ironically, this development would fuel the growth of Bally’s chief competitor, IGT, which developed the ‘life-changing’ million dollar jackpots now commonplace in systems like ‘Megabucks,’ ‘Quartermania,’ and ‘Dollars Deluxe.’

Today, there are dozens of slot manufacturers around the world. Australia’s Aristocrat, Japan’s Universal and Sigma, Europe’s Novomatic, and many companies based in the United States, slot machines are often designed for specific markets. In Australia, Aristocrat produces video slot machines that include intricate graphics and complicated payouts for a very sophisticated slot player. In Japan, pachinko and pachisuro parlors reward players with prizes rather than cash. American players vary according to the area in which they play. In Las Vegas and Atlantic City, mature slot players turn more frequently to video poker, where they feel they have some control over their wins or loses. In other, newer, jurisdictions, the simpler the machine, the better. But the fact remains that slot machines are becoming increasingly popular, and slot manufacturers are producing more attractive machines to entice increasingly selective slot players.

Full Coin Play

Multiple-coin machines have several different definitions. On a single-line machine, the player inserts from one to five coins. If a winning combination occurs on the reels with three coins in, the payoff will three times as much as with one coin in. Four coins will produce a payoff of four times that of one coin, and so on.

Another version of a multiple-coin machine is one with multiple lines. By depositing additional coins, the player activates additional lines that pay off if the winning combinations hit. Some machines even pay on diagonal lines. This type of machines is an enticement to get the players to increase the amount of their wagers. For instance, if a player is only playing one coin, activating only one line, and a winning combination is hit on a non-activated line, it would encourage the player to deposit additional coins in order to have a chance at winning on those additional lines.

In both cases, the payback percentage and the house advantage of the machines do not change whether the player deposits one coin or multiple coins. The amount of profit the casino makes will increase substantially if it can get the players to deposit more than one coin ever play.

You should always gamble only what you can comfortably afford, so you should avoid playing five coins if you can only afford to play one, even if the casino tries to entice you with attractive paybacks. The only reason to play the full amount of coins would be if the slot machine rewards you when winning the top jackpot.

For instance, if one coin pays ten coins for a particular winning combination, two coins play 20 for the same combination, and three coins pays 50, it would be to your advantage to play three coins. The disparity in the awards makes it worth it.

But if you can’t afford to play those three coins, it’s advisable to find a machine that makes an evenly graduated payback for multiple coins, or drop down to a lower denomination.


Things are looking better for the bettors of thoroughbred racing. The New York Racing Association has instituted an across the board reduction on its house cut, commonly referred to as the “takeout.” The win, place and show percentage was lowered from 15% to 14%. The daily double, exacta and quinella percentage has been dropped from 20% to 17.5%. And on non-carryover days, the pick-six takeout drops from 25% all the way down to 20%. These numbers are a welcome relief to bettors trying to scratch out a winning formula at the races. During the six week Saratoga race meeting, which concluded in early September, nearly $7,000,000 more was returned to the players. The reduced takeouts are certainly a reaction to competition by other forms of gambling. Unfortunately, race fans have long been stamped by the racing industry as mere cattle that blindly follow along in their gaming habits. Not anymore. Racing’s attempt to win new fans has also helped “the old reliable bettors” to catch a long deserved break in this new era of competitive marketing.


Takeout Angle

The new takeouts in New York should bury any thought of using a two-horse win parlay over a daily double. There were still some situations in which a parlay paid more than the double. Those situations had to overcome two 15% takeouts (totaling 30%) compared to the one 20% takeout of a daily double. That was a 10% difference. The difference now stands at 10.5%, and that extra half a percent should end any issue.


Contest Thoughts

Most major racetracks sponsor handicapping contests in which the top four finishers win prize money and have their expenses paid to attend the World Series of Handicapping in Las Vegas which sports a huge cash prize. In New York, the entry fee is a rather steep $300 with all of the entry money coming back to the winning participants. Many potential entrants argue that such an entry fee could better be spent on say, three cold $100 doubles or exactas. After all, to win a contest like this you’ve got to get hot. However, you could select a succession of winning horses and still not win the contest, or collect a dime. Would this $300 bring better value at the windows? It’s a choice that every handicapper has to make for himself. Personally, I lean towards the windows, and haven’t entered a single contest with such an entry fee yet.


Eying the Pools

For years, I have been staying clear of horses that are favored in the UFABET win pool, but are not favored in the place and show pools as well. I have been rarely disappointed in the outcome. There are many reasons why a horse only takes money in the win slot, and most of them are notions you want to bet against. If I am going to back the favorite to win, I want to see that he is also favored in the adjoining pools.


Breeders’ Cup Retreads

Probably a half dozen horses that race in this year’s Breeders’ Cup will put in another start before the end of December. Because of the Breeders’ Cup notation in their past performance lines, they will receive plenty of attention at the windows against lesser competition. For the most part, these runners have proved real money burners and should be avoided. The Breeders’ Cup usually culminates a long campaign and leaves little left in the equine gas tank. So if you can’t find a runner at a square price to bet against these horses, simply pass on the race entirely.


On the Track

Here are some horses to consider at the windows—Pure Prize is finally getting it all together. Thompson St. could pop at a big number. Starbury is a rugged claimer with talent. Bella Bellucci is a fleet filly just starting her career. Thunderello could get real good for trainer Lake. Carsoncitycyclone continues to race with heart. Bowman’s Band is being tutored well by trainer Kimmel.


The New York Racing Association has come up with a fascinating contest called Sudden Death. This free contest requires the player to make a daily selection that finishes in the money (first, second or third). You choose a horse that finishes out of the money, and you’re out of the contest. There is currently a $5,000 prize for the last handicapper standing. NYRA plans on using this contest during their longer race meetings. Anyone can register to play online at www.NYRA.com.


I haven’t read the book yet, but I heard of a new book critical of the feminist movement. It’s Ceasefire: Why Women and Men Must Join Forces to Achieve True Equality (Free Press), by Cathy Young, a reporter for the Boston Globe.

The message of the book is relevant to women who play poker. The message is that the feminist movement has moved from a movement aimed at equality to one aimed at giving women the upper hand in society. Young thinks that’s a bad thing. Whether you agree with that or not, it has some relevance to poker, where women are often seen moaning about a lack of equality in poker rather than using the situation to gain an advantage.

Women poker players can usually profit by adjusting their game to exploit the foibles of male opponents. Different kinds of men call for different approaches, sometimes the differences between male stereotypes can be subtle. Two different kinds of men are those that I call chauvinists and those I call macho.


Chauvinistic men who tend to think all women are weak, predictable, tight players and that women have good judgment. He’ll tend to try to be tricky when playing against women and he’ll tend to ignore any information he might be able to get from observation of a woman.

Macho men can’t stand to let a woman win or take control of the betting. This kind of man can’t stand to lose, and especially can’t stand to lose to a woman. He’ll tend to develop an acute case of FPS trying to outplay an aggressive woman. He’s usually doomed.

Playing chauvinistic men.

In a previous article, I talked about playing to exploit a chauvinistic man. They tend to react to aggressive women with hyperaggression of their own when they fear their hand is second best and that’s an easily exploitable tendency.

Playing macho man

You should play against a macho player in a similar way that you’d play against a chauvinist, but you need to be more careful. The macho player is not likely to try to play deceptively when he has a big hand, like the chauvinistic player is. He’s more likely to just play any hand he has aggressively. With the chauvinist player you can often be sure you have the best hand, even when your hand is weak. That’s not the case with the macho player. With him you need to be much more selective with the hands you get involved with.

You probably don’t want to get heads-up in a pot with a macho player with a hand like 8S 5S, as I suggest against a chauvinistic man, but you might want to with a hand like 8D 7D. With that hand you’re more likely to have a few extra outs like a three-flush or a three-straight, just in case he actually has you beat IN Situs Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021. If you do have that hand, and the flop is something like a JD 8S 4H and he bets, you should raise, just as you would against a chauvinist. He usually won’t have you beaten. He’ll just keep raising anyway though.

The danger with the Macho man is that he isn’t as likely to slowplay an overpair as is a chauvinist. He’s just as likely to respond with aggression with overcards as with an overpair. That’s why it’s important to avoid getting involved without a little extra like suited cards against the macho type man.

The Difference

Stereotypes are a useful tool in developing strategy to exploit the mistakes of others. But, it’s important to pay attention to the details and to think about the motivations of the players, not just their behavior. The behaviors of the stereotypical chauvinist and macho man seem similar, but when you look underneath and examine their motives you’ll see the important distinction. The chauvinist really does disrespect women and thinks they are easily tricked. The macho man believes blind aggression is the key to success and actually doesn’t behave that much differently whether playing against men or women. It’s the chauvinist that will almost always try to be tricky and can be counted on to be weak-when-strong and strong-when-weak.




Lenny Frome passed away in 1998, but not before leaving behind an enduring legacy as a gambling writer. Frome was the author of several books and countless articles on video poker. He was one of the most well-respected experts on this game, as well as others. This is a review of one of his most popular books, Winning Strategies for Video Poker.

Winning Strategies for Video Poker is a simple book. It opens with a list of pay tables for various games, what the game pays by following the proper strategy, and the page in this book on which the proper strategy for the game in question can be found. This chart is very useful when one encounters a given pay table for the first time on a video poker machine. It would be nice if the list also included common names for games with that pay table, being able to easily identify which pay schedules are commonly called “Bonus Poker” would be handy, but because that would have taken up a lot of extra room, omitting this information is a stylistic choice I can live with. The common names for most pay schedules are listed with the strategy for that game, and that’s good enough. The book also contains an explanation of the terminology used and a glossary, both of which are useful.

The bulk of the book is devoted to describing the proper strategy for various video poker games. All the well-known games are listed here, Jacks or Better, Double Bonus, Deuces Wild, etc.. Strategies for full pay and short pay schedules are included. Strategies for more obscure games are also listed, such as All American Poker, Tens or Better, Double Joker Wild, and many others. Well over 50 strategies for different games are listed in this book.

Of course, some of these games aren’t very popular any more, and new Qiu Qiu Online games have shown up since the publication of the book whose strategies aren’t listed. A reader who primarily plays in Las Vegas won’t need a strategy table for 6-5 Jacks (I would hope!), and an Atlantic City visitor doesn’t have any use for full pay Deuces Wild information. I don’t see a lot of Tens or Better games around any more. However, the book was designed to be complete, and having pay tables that aren’t needed doesn’t hurt.

The biggest downside to this book is that it is largely replaced by Tom Ski’s Video Poker Strategy Master software, which will calculate a very strong strategy given a game’s pay table. However, the book is still useful, especially for those who prefer paper to silicon. Winning Strategies for Video Poker probably isn’t the first VP book the advantage player wants to buy, that’s almost certainly Dan Paymar’s Video Poker — Optimum Play, but it’s a good choice as the second book.


Lenny Frome’s Winning Strategies for Video Poker is little more than a listing of solid strategies for over 50 different video poker games. Some of these games aren’t very common any more, and every one of them won’t be found in every gambling jurisdiction, but there are enough strategies listed to make the book generally useful just about everywhere. I wouldn’t recommend it as a first book on video poker, but it is a useful book.


LONDON — Life is always a gamble, especially on the internet. So where can you go for real online excitement? HardRockCasino.com is a loud wake-up call to those who think that all online casinos are made equal. They’re not.

The first ever online Hard Rock branded casino is scheduled to launch this summer, promising an online gambling experience unlike any other! Providing a dramatic fusion between the world-renowned Hard Rock brand and its links to rock ‘n roll and the excitement of traditional casino gambling this promises to be a unique experience.

The casino will operate from the Isle of Man under a licence issued in January 2002 to Rank Interactive Gaming (IOM) Ltd by the Isle of Man Government, one of the most tightly regulated and respected online gambling jurisdictions.

Offering free membership to everyone over 18 in jurisdictions where online gambling is permissible, the site will include favourites like Roulette, Blackjack, Multi-line Fruit Machines and Video Poker all with the unique Hard Rock stamp of individuality. With the objective of demystifying gambling so that it appeals to novice and experienced gamblers alike the site has been designed to entertain, thrill and surprise!

And, with the latest member verification and player protection controls all integrated into the software, HardRockCasino.com will certainly be the most secure casino site online.

Managing Director of Rank Interactive Gaming, Damian Cope, comments: “HardRockCasino.com will allow The Rank Group’s existing 700,000 Grosvenor Casinos members to extend their relationship with the Group online. It will also provide a welcoming and player-friendly environment in which novice gamblers can learn how to play the games giving them the confidence to play online as well as visit a bricks and mortar casino should they wish.”

He continues: “The site will be edgier and more energetic than any other online casino, effectively reflecting the key brand values of music in an exciting casino environment. HardRockCasino.com will also be a natural extension to our existing UK games site Rank.com. This site features a mix of bingo and fruit machine style games and although only six months old has already been independently identified as the second most visited games site in the UK(a).”

The launch of HardRockCasino.com will also coincide with the much anticipated opening of the Group’s new Hard Rock Thaibet168 Casino in Manchester, which is scheduled to open in July. A second Hard Rock Casino is currently being developed for opening later this year in London.

(a) NetValue 14 May 2002: In the UK, Rank.com is the second most visited games domain. Panel-based methodology using sample recruited by Taylor Nelson Sofres